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Lash extensions 

With the appearance of having falsies on even just a fine mascara, you will always #wakeuplikethis!!

Our lash extensions range from simplicity everyday or real dense to give off an eyeliner effect so you no longer have to worry about eye makeup ever!

Lash Lifts

Not into extensions? Get your lashes lifted with our treatment to keep them curly all month long. Your lashes will naturally remain curly and you can throw away your curler and just apply mascara. Lash lift is totally safe and non damaging towards your natural lashes. Last about 3-4 weeks. We recently switched to a much gentler formula that is more nurturing to our hairs so processing takes just a little longer than most perms in other salons.


Hair Removal

We offer

hard wax only where the wax dries and takes only the hair not pulling the skin.


Another preference, it was rumored to be less painful while getting the job done.


Great for people who are using retinol or finished with a peel recently. 

HyaPen (Needle Free lip injections)

With innovating technology from the health industry, we now use the same medical grade products to give you fuller, luscious lips through a high pressure pen instead of a syringe. Eliminating the invasive depth of a needle we just press all natural pure medical grade Hyaluronic Acid directly into the lips! The best thing is you can control how full you'd like to go! 

Body Slimming and Contouring

Need a little help getting back in shape? That's why we're here! Lose inches in the most problematic areas through our body contouring packages. We are all uniquely shaped and sized with different needs. Book a consultation today and pick the best package made for your body so you can get back to feeling your best self without the extra time at the gym!

Includes smoothing out cellulite, skin tightening, toning and lifting on areas on thighs, butt, waist, arms, and more!

Because of the complexity of this service, please book a consultation with our beauticians

Brow Transformation

3 in 1 Service! Introducing a brow lift, followed but tint and clean up. Brow transformation gives your the appearance of full brows with only your natural hairs! wont need to worry about grooming them anymore with this service, you're ready when you wake up!

Tints, Lifts and much more!

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