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The one stop shop for all your lifestyle beauty needs

Beauty Salon in San Francisco, CA

Beauty treatment services to suit every budget in the Bay Area. 


La boutique is a one-stop beauty destination for all your beauty needs. From our expert estheticians to our expert hair removal specialists, to lash extensions and facial treatments, we have it all!


We believe that everyone could use a time-efficient beauty routine that you can feel confident about applying before you head out. Enjoy looking fresh, natural or glamorous without spending too much time and effort on application.

With us, you get to look your best when you’re out with family, at the office or running errands. We hope you'll contact us today!

Why Choose Our Estheticians?

We have a delightful team of expert skincare, hair and beauty therapists suited to your needs. We can help you get plumper lips, longer lashes, body sculpting and more and show you practical tips to make it work without spending too much time.

What We DO:

Trusted skincare inside and out

We know how important it is to take care of your skin from the inside out. When you come in for an appointment with our esthetician, they will provide insight on what products are best for you and your skin type.

Hair treatments

Our expert and efficient hair removal San Francisco, CA team, takes care of your hair removal needs whether it’s on your face or your body. Ready for your new look? Let us help you with our convenient, affordable & effective hair removal options today! Enjoy longer-lasting smooth skin done expertly.

Built from humble beginnings in the heart of San Francisco, La Boutique was founded on the mission of celebrating all individuals in their most authentic brilliance - by taking care of the beauty rituals that make you look and feel your best, so you can focus on being the best you.


From lash extensions to brow tinting, body sculpting to gentle hair removals, our team of talented and experienced beauticians are happy to help!

When it comes to products, we strive to source the most natural and high-quality ingredients, because we believe you should never expect less. 


Beautiful extensions

Lashes can totally enhance a look and go from meh to breathtaking diva. Lash extensions can be difficult and take time to get used to the process. Our professional team can help you and give you the tips you need to do it yourself.

We offer a one-of-a-kind eyelash extension technique that's as natural as it is beautiful. Trust La Boutique for your next set of extensions.

Do you need your lashes tinted too? You’re in the right place and in good hands with La Boutique's eyelash tints.

Gorgeous brows

With our 3-in-1 brow transformation, your brows are ready from the time you wake up. You no longer need to groom them, and it’s totally safe and natural. Ask us how.

Body sculpts

Get rid of excess body fat with the most advanced body sculpting technology in the Bay Area. Experts design our wellness packages to get you into your desired shape fast!

Are you ready for your new and enhanced beautiful look? Book your consultation at La Boutique Salon today, and we will customize your beauty treatment with facelifts, hydro facials, and more.

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