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Our Policy and F.A.Qs

Here we have the most common questions people may have and some additional information about our services

What to expect getting serviced in our establishment:

  1. Upon arrival to your appointment, hand sanitizer and a sign in sheet will be at the door entrance. Please sign and date. Every day will be recorded on who has entered our establishment. Your touchless temperature check will be taken by front desk and then signaled to which room you are in.

  2. Service provider will all be masked and geared up. Laying on top of disposable sheets, get serviced, and check out through front desk and then sign out date and time.


Protocol we have implemented behind the scenes:

  • No more blankets - We have to get rid of fabric/cloth materials so we can easily disinfect any areas that come in human contact. 

  • Everything Disposable - Just like the doctor's office we will dispose everything after each client. Mask and gloves are offered for everyone. 

  • Practicing Distancing - Clients and services providers are not allowed to cross into another's designated work spaces which are 12 ft apart. 30 mins of in-between time is schedule for deep sanitation after client leaves the establishment. No more than 5 people in the salon at a time. If you are early, we will ask you to wait in the car until we are ready.

  • Appointments are booked staggered in timing to ensure no one will cross paths during check in and out.

  • Touchless transactions

  • Everything touched by someone will thrown away

  • Deep clean every hour after each person

  • UV light incubator of our tools on top of after sanitizing them

We are accepting;

Apple Pay 

We would like to keep touching a minimal but we will accept; 
Credit card
Pay online at home

Please let us know if we could further accommodate you to ensure your peace of mind and safety for your visit.


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Prior to lash extensions:

Be sure to come with with no make up for the appointment for lashes need to be clean for the best application and retention. DO NOT COME WITH MASCARA ON. - The oil in mascara products leaves a residue on lashes that make it very hard for our adhesive to stick. We don't want to take away time to clean the lash line. We also have make up remover and a lash shampoo if needed.

Refrain from drinking caffeinated drinks to avoid jittery eyes.

After care:

Refrain from rubbing your eyelids and be aware that they are there.

Try sleeping on your back so you don't crush them. Brush them softly when theyre out of place. And most importantly, wash your lashes with our lash bath or just gently with your oil free facial cleanser when you wash your face at night. We found that people who wash their lashes with our lash bath has better retention than those who do not wash them at all.

Avoid using oily products near your eyes, if you use an eye cream, apply cream on the outer rim of your eyes by your bone socket, cream and products do travel.

Washing your lashes:

Most people are told to avoid getting them wet and try to avoid washing them but truly, we found that cleansing your lashes without lash bath help retention than those who do not wash them. The reasoning behind this, we must understand that our bodies naturally produce oil, including our eyelids. Everything our body produces is to shield ourselves from foreign things, lashes included. So the oil we produce will naturally loosen the adhesive from the extensions. Resulting in more frequent fall out.

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Needle Free Lip Injections

How does it work? What is it?

The treatment uses a special pen to deliver hyaluronic acid (something the body produces naturally but declines as we get older) into the lips. The pen was actually first designed to eliminate the use of needles for those who suffer from diabetes, and has since been used by the beauty industry to allow for no needle fillers. The Hyaluron pen we sell captures air and pressure to allow Liquid Filler into the treatment area.

How long does it last?

The duration of the plumpness is about 4 months on average.

What's in it? What is the filler?

The active ingredient used, hyaluronic acid, rejuvenates and lifts the lip area, as well as stimulating collagen production

What does it feel like if there is no needle?

The sensation feels similar to as if someone was flicking you with their finger. However we also use a medical grade numbing cream topically so you really don't feel anything.

Are there any side effects or things we need to worry about?

No, there aren't side effects because hyaluronic acid is already naturally found in our bodies so there is no way you could get an allergic reaction. Although if you are anemic or iron deficient it is most likely you will experience minor bruising only because we are shooting the filler product into your lips.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for this treatment?

The only thing we ask is for the best results is to avoid Alcohol the day of and after your session. Alcohol can be dehydrating and for Hyaluronic Acid to work well, it requires H2O to cling on to. So the more water you drink the better the results and retention. We also suggest for you to not do any heavy sweating activities or hot saunas because again, we want you to be as hydrated as possible and give this treatment the best possible results.

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