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Cleanse and Refresh  - A foundational facial for regular upkeeps! Starting with double cleanse lymphatic drainange massage of the face, followed by a mild enzyme peel to loosen the bonds of your dead skin on the surface before we exfoliate followed with nourishment of products and finishing with a detox skin tighenting mask before we seal it up and send you off refreshed and sunscreened.


Treat  -The trending Korean glass skin facial uses 6 different hydrofacial heads that not only deep cleanses but targets all areas of skincare needs including deep/fine lines, dullness, hyperpigmentation, texture and lymphatic drainage. This facial will basically resurface your skin and reveal your natural glow as well as reversing signs of damage.



Nurture - Hand held patent technology designed to exfoliate, extract and plump with results you can see, following up with deep penetration of hydration and protectant. (The pregnancy glow, without the pregnancy.) This facial includes; declotte massage, hand reflexology, AHA/BHA peel, hydrodermabrasion, mask, painless extractions and radio frequency hair stimulating comb, facial massage and appropriate products to finish.


Body Sculpting + Massage


Understanding how each machine and treatment contributes and finding the right service for your body for each one of us are unique. Goes Towards Service if booked

HyaPen (Needle Free Lip Injection)

With innovating technology from the health industry, we now use the same medical grade products to give you fuller, luscious lips through a high pressure pen instead of a syringe. Eliminating the invasive depth of a needle we just press all natural pure medical grade Hyaluronic Acid directly into the lips! The best thing is you can control how full you'd like to go! Results last 4-5 months

+ Additional Plumping ML

50 Min Custom Full Body Massage 

From relieving pain to an escape from everyday, we can accommodate any modality and make sure your needs are met with our experts in the industry, meeting your standards in human kinetics! Book this with any additional services to complete your visit here!

100 Min Custom Full Body Massage 

Starting with a 10 min foot soak to help you relax and sooth your tired feet beforehand. Double the time spent to really work out the trouble areas that's been distracting you from living your best life! 

Face lift

Define your jawline with our micro current facial and techniques followed by a skin tightening mask with our estheticians

Upper arms

A solution to tighten the unwanted skin we just can't seem to get rid of behind the arms. Be photo ready without the awkward arm on the hip pose


Bra and back fat

Lymphatic drainage massage on our backs that also rids of cellulite along side unwanted "flaps" and loose skin

Waist line/lower belly

Finally a solution to that stubborn lower belly and mid section! Diet and exercise isn't necessary but always encouraged. For extra skin tightening effect, pair it with a waist trainer from our boutique or one you may already have.


Slimming thighs along with an anti-cellulite treatment gives me an excuse to slack off a bit on the stair master. . . 

Butt Lift and plump

Snatched thighs and lifted booty with a bit of plump! An all in one including anti-cellulite treatments all the while lifting that booty!
















** 0% APR  payment plans available, no hard credit checks(will not affect credit)**

$135 Guest

$100 Member

$250 Guest

$200 Member

Sunless Tan

Untitled design (1).png

Dry Brush Exfoliation (Full Body)

A full body scrub performed along with a lymphatic massage by your esthetician to rid of dead skin and reveal your natural radiance. The perfect prep prior to our hand airbrushed tan or alone to then be indulged into a hydrating body oil.

Hand Airbrushed Tan

Our practitioner gracefully air brushes your body to the perfect shade to your liking. Bonus to contour and give the illusion of toning without the gym this summer! No one will know it's a spray tan - we won't tell!

Scrub + Spray combo ^




Other Fun Stuff

Teeth Whitening 

Skip the dental office and book a session with us here today! Lighten up to 2 shades whiter in just 30 mins! 


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