Eyelash Extension Services in San Francisco, CA

Eyelash extension services are popular in the beauty industry, and it is one of the most versatile ways to enhance your complete look. If you want your lashes professionally done, then getting a trusted beauty expert in San Francisco, CA is one of the steps to take. 

What Does An Eyelash Extension Salon Offer?

Eyelash extension salons offer services that involve adding semi-permanent lash fibers to the eyelids. The process of extending the eyelashes is to help make them look fuller, longer and even curlier. 

Why Choose La Boutique Salon?

La Boutique Salon in San Francisco, CA has a range of high-quality eyelashes. The eyelashes used on clients are: 

  • Waterproof

  • Sweatproof

  • Fullest eyelashes 

  • Great for retouches

  • Perfect for newcomers 

  • Ideal for veteran eyelash wearers

Our Lash Services Include:

Forever Mascara

For that look of natural mascara and effortless beauty that you don’t need to work up a sweat to achieve. What makes the forever mascara so authentic is the fact that every lash is applied individually and thus looks natural and beautiful. 

The Russian

"The Russian" eyelash style is a beautiful extension of eyelashes that are bold and beautiful with seven strands applied to one natural lash. It is a look of “born this way, woke up this way.”

Soft Glam 

Soft Glam gives you the middle of both worlds. With soft glam, you get the boldness of glamorous yet the subtlety of natural. It is the perfect choice for those looking for something in the middle.

So Glamorous

So Glamorous eyelash extension services also incorporate several synthetic lash fibers stacked onto the original lash hair. It is bold, stunning and beautiful. Best of all, you don’t have to keep doing your lashes since you’ll wake up that way. Done and ready.   

Disadvantages of Extension Eye Lashes

The downside of extensions on eyelashes is that they sometimes cause mild irritation. It could sometimes damage the actual eyelash hairs. Another thing to watch for is the potential of uneven fallout of individual lashes.

The upside of booking this service at your eyelash extension salon: 

  • There is little to no maintenance

  • It is long-lasting 

  • You can wear them for a few days without having to reset or replace them

The eyelash extension services also include a selection of the following: 

  • Lash Tint 

  • Lash Lift

  • Brow Tint 

  • Lift and Tint 

  • The 3 in 1 brow transformation 

Need your eyelashes to stand out? Interested in an eyelash tint or hair removal? Contact La Boutique Salon today!!

Add Ons:

Patch Test/ Consultation                $30

Make it Wispy                                    $25/$15

Foreign Fill                                         $30

Express Fill (Members Only)            $75

Removal                                            $45/$30

Volume website 1.jpg

So Glamorous

Waterproof, sweat proof and life proof! First timers please be aware your retention will not last as long as a veteran. The prices below reflect on a complete fullset or a returning touch up. We do not require a time frame of weeks in order to receive a fill however if we can count the hairs on your eye, it will be considered a fullset. If you need a fill but are new to us, there will be a surcharge on top of the fill price below.

Full Set: $300/$240

Fill: $125/$100

Hybrid website 1.jpg

Soft Glam

Can't decide if you want a natural or glam look? Or just want something in between? This look is just right for those who want a little more than natural but don't want it too dramatic either. With this look, we design combine adding single lashes and multiple on each single strand so you have a combination.

Full Set: $250/$200

Set: $115/$95

Classic website.jpg

Forever Mascara

This look is for a more natural look. Single lashes are extended individually to appear to have longer natural lashes. You're basically always wearing fine mascara

Full Set: $225/$185

Fill: $100/$90

Russian 3.jfif

The Russian

With the appearance of having dramatic falsies on, you will always #wakeuplikethis!! A glamorous look of full dark lashes because we apply 6-10 strands per natural lash! Great for those who loves the dark and dense glamorous look. For the ultimate divas out there

Full Set: $350/$280

Fill: $135/$110

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